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nGrinder 3.0.3 release


nGrinder 3.0.3 Release Note

We are releasing nGrinder 3.0.3 fixing a serious bug which nGrinder 3.0.2 has. Previously nGrinder 3.0.2 has serious bugs which make test is not executable when they are over 1000. This version fixed this issue.


  • NGRINDER-367 -         Tests over 1000 is not supported
  • NGRINDER-368 -         Agent approval in the agent page 2 is not supported
  • NGRINDER-369 -         Test stop is delayed when there are more than 1 test to be stop
  • NGRINDER-371 -         Resize script select box.    


  • NGRINDER-370 -         Add plugin structure to make test stoppable base on the sampling .

1. OS, DBMS supports

  • Linux, Windows, Mac OSX is supported.
  • Supports several database systems as CUBRID, H2. The default DBMS is H2.

2. Requirements

  • Be required over JRE 1.6 version.
  • Tomcat 6.X later in advance.


4. References

5. Issues

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